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Joe Ledger Reading list

With the books , tie ins and bonus stories it gets confusing when to read certain books or stories so I simplified the book list so here are 2 lists the first is the series if you want to read them in order but don’t want to read the bonus stories

  1. Patient Zero
  2. Joe Ledger: The Missing Files
  3. Dragon Factory
  4. King of Plagues
  5. Assassin’s Code
  6. Extinction Machine
  7. Code Zero (not published yet)

Here is the list for if you want to read the series with the bonus stories.

*Note Its good if you read the Pine Dep Trilogy before  the Joe Ledger books but it’s not  necessary.

Bonus story: Zero Tolerance

  1. Patient Zero
  2. Bonus Story:Zero Tolerance
  3. Joe Ledger: The Missing Files
  4. Dragon Factory
  5. Bonus story:Deep Dark
  6. King of Plagues
  7. Assassin’s Code
  8. Bonus Story: Borrowed Power
  9. Extinction Machine
  10. Code Zero (not published yet)
  11. Bonus story :Material Witness( you can this anytime but it ties in to the Pine Deep Trilogy. It sets in six years after the Pine Deep book 3 :Bad Moon Rising.

Well I hope this helps someone out there!


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